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We combine many years of PR know-how with online marketing and social media to create a unique story machine for your company. Learn a little more about us below.
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Before we introduce ourselves, here are the three most important reasons why we are the ideal agency for you.


We enjoy what we do, and we’ve been at it for quite a long time (25+ years). That means we communicate for you because we love it, and we do it well. Our positive energy will put a smile on your face when you see our next Jour Fixe on your calendar. Of this we are sure.


Being very familiar with the German focus industries, we’ll need only a brief introduction to a new industry, if any at all. We’ve worked with all kinds of companies – all sizes, in all levels of maturity, and headquartered in many countries. We have a lot of experience in dealing with the various processes in our customers’ organizations, whether start-ups or multinationals.


With roots in public relations, we leverage the digital possibilities of online marketing and social media. Since we are not purely a social media agency, we also understand the world before social media and can interact with target groups older than Generation Z.

May we introduce
_the members of the story machine
by Lucy Turpin

Thomas Hahnel

Managing Director

Lucy Turpin

Founder and Owner

Carmen Bode

Office & Accounting Manager

Birgit Fuchs-Laine

Account Director

Eva Hildebrandt

Account Director

Sabine Listl

Account Director

Anja Rother

Senior Account Manager

Sarah Schumm

Senior Account Manager

Noemi Kegler

Account Manager

Alisa Speer

Account Manager

Dominic Jurk

Account Executive

Mr Rocket Science

Always with us

Kathrin Schirmer

Freelance Consultant

Christine Schulze

Freelance Consultant