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Gossip has a role
_in our cuture

No matter who, whether at the dinner table, at work, or on the subway: people like to gossip. Yet this very human inclination is not as harmful as one might think at first. According to researchers, gossiping is a useful fuel in our culture because it helps us to compare ourselves to others. As a result, our self-esteem rises, and we feel valued because someone else has entrusted us with some probably sensitive information.

What does that have to do with social media marketing?

A lot! Social media is interaction between people too. There are two types of content that are best distributed through social media: emotional content and bad news.

Or emotional, bad news.

That combination is even better.

_Example Kaufland

In October 2020, Kaufland (a large German food store chain) launched a new advertising campaign, featuring pop singer Michael Wendler and his viral hit “EGAL.” However, the broadcast was abruptly stopped. Wendler disclosed that he was a conspiracy theorist. Kaufland pulled the ripcord. It announced that it was stopping the Wendler campaign but, ironically, achieved more reach with the bad news than with the originally planned campaign.

This example shows how closely social media and public relations should be linked in order to be effective. If Kaufland had reacted too late, the whole campaign could have backfired.

Social Media Marketing
_for companies and brands

The mechanics of social media are based on the fact that attractive content is rewarded with more reach. Social media prefers entertaining content that avoids a link to an outside page – your corporate website, for instance.

As a company, however, you also have stories to tell and thus much potential content. After all, in every company a wealth of people represents good content sources. We should move away from the idea that only positive and politically clean topics should be communicated. As a company and brand, it’s essential to develop values and guidelines and to represent these to the outside world. As an experienced social media agency, we are happy to support you in this.

_Focus industries

Our social media agency has appreciable know-how in the following industries and is well connected within them:


Thanks to our Munich location, a dominant high-tech and media center in Germany, we have many personal contacts that have proven key to the placement of content. Many of the focus industries mentioned above are also located in the capital of Bavaria, which has propelled our specialization.

Social Media Strategy
_the springboard for growth

Now comes the crux of the matter. Social media bundles an incredible number of target groups and pre-sorts them organically for your company.

Since the platforms are largely financed by advertising, most channels are an El Dorado for brand and marketing managers.

In addition to the obligatory definition of objectives, a good social media strategy also requires ground rules. These are best developed together with you in a social media workshop. Crisis communication should also be planned so that the agency can be just as fast as Kaufland in an emergency.

_we support you in:

Development of a digital content strategy
Very often your community manager defines the leading topic of the month and what content can be used to respond to it quickly. You don’t have a community manager on your team? Never mind, we’ll be happy to take over the task for you.

Selection of channels
Blanket statements like, “Facebook is dead!” or “Instagram is only good for pictures!” are not constructive. We are well-suited to suggest the channels that fit your target group. Instagram, for example, can be used very effectively for videos or to launch a creative contest. Channels we know well: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, XING, TikTok, Clubhouse and Twitter.

Influencer selection
Depending on your goal, influencers can help accelerate your company and brand to achieve significantly more reach. We can be tasked to make the selection, book, and coordinate with the influencers. See our influencer landing page for more details.

Online marketing connection
We offer in-house online marketing. Since social media marketing is a discipline within online marketing, it’s crucial to work to your marketing goals. Which KPIs should be met? What should reporting look like? What synergies can be used in content creation?

Content creation
Our social media experts are skilled in creating social media content. From the creative concept to setting the editorial plans, and ensuring the production of the content, you’ll receive the entire workflow from a single source.

Social Media in B2B
_the process is not really different

We think there’s not that much difference between B2B and B2C social media processes. In both cases, communication between people is central. In fact, we prefer to use the abbreviation H2H (Human to Human).


Of course, the customer journey differs greatly depending on the product, service or industry. However, the basic emotional principles are the same. The biggest challenge we have with B2B social media is that we often have to encourage our corporate customers to engage with social media in the first place!

Not communicating
_is not a solution

Many decision-makers in companies think to themselves: “That’s way too much work, let’s just forget it.” Yes, you can cut your budget completely. However, your customers and suppliers will still talk about you on social media. Participating in the conversation yourself means work, but you can also offer food for thought, react in real-time, and get back some control.

Just make the move!

And if your company has had bad experience or only achieved moderate results, the right agency wasn’t working with you. Just give us a try.

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The Best
_comes at the end

Social media marketing can bring you more than just digital visibility. It enables you to communicate with your customers directly. That means you’ll see unfiltered direct feedback when something isn’t going right. But you also get to hear all the “stories” about how your products and solutions enrich and fulfill people’s lives, professional or personal and maybe both.

That’s why we always have a section in our reporting for the positive messages. Listen to your own target group and interact with it.

We support you on this journey.