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Our job is to develop and place your brand message in traditional and digital media as well as with digital opinion leaders.
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Since you are reading this, we’ll assume that you already know that PR is of great benefit to you, your company, or your organization!

We also assume that you are in the process of deciding on a PR agency with which to work. For this reason, we’ll save you a bit of time and quickly go over how we work and our industry focus.

Here are the most important things you need to know when choosing the right PR agency:

Choose an agency that knows your industry.

An agency leverages its network and its creativity for each client. The network includes influencers who specialize by industry.

Influencers are not only the suddenly famous YouTube and Instagram stars, but also journalists, analysts, and other professionals. Just like PR agencies, the influencers have a great impact on their target groups – readers, viewers or listeners.

That’s why influencer marketing fits so well with PR agencies.

Shortcut to Influencer Marketing

_Focus industries

Our PR agency has appreciable know-how in the following industries and is well connected within them:


Thanks to our Munich location, a dominant high-tech and media center in Germany, we have many personal contacts that have proven key to the placement of content. Many of the focus industries mentioned above are also located in the capital of Bavaria, which has propelled our specialization.

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As a company, you want to create awareness about a product or a certain topic in the German-speaking countries? At its best, this upswing in perception leads to more demand and more customers.

The work of a PR agency includes these processes:


We help you define your target group(s) within the German ecosystem. Then, we determine where the target group looks for relevant information and where it moves around digitally and physically. Then we’ll know which type of communication will reach the right audience.

How we determine the right media for you?

_where do we meet the target group?

In the social media area:


Facebook Groups

LinkedIn, XING, and etc.

In the media relations area:

Publishers and editors

Trade journals and verticals

Regional daily newspapers

National daily newspapers


We create a communications concept.

On the one hand, the concept houses the guidelines for your corporate communications.

On the other, we figure out how we can create exciting stories from your products/services and your USP (unique selling proposition). In doing so, we keep the readers, viewers, influencers, journalists, etc. in mind.

Of course, in public relations it’s also important to communicate the values of your brand. Layering your company’s values into the storyline is our specialty.

The content should meet the following criteria:

The content cannot be written as an advertisement. Otherwise, journalists will ask why you didn’t just go out and buy an ad.
The content should fit the reader or viewer target group.
Engaging content plus SEO optimization (which we do in-house) leads to more readers and viewers.

We arrange the publication.

If you are a journalist or an influencer, this is where you choose between the wheat and the chaff – interesting material and junk.

If a PR agency already has existing contacts in a relevant industry, then the placement of the content is much more efficient. These professional contacts are the result of having worked together, knowing what works, what is wanted, and how to write it or produce it. We have over 25 years of this experience. Since the parameters have now been set, the next step is to persuade the influencers and/or journalists to publish the (great) content.

Strictly speaking, we already have the journalists on board in #2. Through our ongoing conversations, we know which publications will fit, and who is interested in what. And so, we produce the content to match the needs of the journalists and editors and our goals.

Result _of our PR

When all the criteria are met and the editors and/or influencers are enthusiastic, the content is published, and can be quantified and qualified as a clipping.

Clippings are the currency of PR. An agency that generates many clippings in relevant media is a good PR agency, one that you should hire.


Do you have enough information by now?

Are you convinced? Then save yourself some time and make an appointment with us.

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Market penetration
_in Germany

Many of our customers choose us because we know the German media landscape and our target industries well.

Since our American founder has shared the ins and outs of US working life, we aren’t newcomers to US culture. This helps immensely if your parent company is based in the States, and you need to achieve your goals in the German market.

The US and German working cultures are so fundamentally different that misunderstandings can often arise here with those in charge elsewhere.

We have years of experience in this particular area. We’ve learned exactly how to avoid the pitfalls and focus on moving forward.

We understand the marketing mentality of many US companies, and we combine this understanding with the pragmatic expectations of the German market. It enables us to ensure the best possible communication with you, from briefing to implementation, internationally.

One more word
_about Marketing

PR consulting and public relations is a part of marketing.

This makes it very useful to work hand-in-hand with local, regional or headquarter-based marketing colleagues.

For example, if you want to release a new product, then we create buzz in the target group in advance. Marketing has an easier time generating leads from the public, which is primed or already influenced. In the end, greater brand awareness creates more trust in the target group, and this ensures a better cost-per-lead value.

The cost-per-lead value is a benchmark for determining the budget required to convert one reader, viewer or listener per lead.

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