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The Story
_the most effective tool

Communication is as old as humanity itself. So are its basic principles. A good story spreads across national borders and media. This has always been the case and will probably always remain so. The Internet just ensures that stories spread faster than before. And today, “virally” is the fastest we’ve got.

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What makes a
_good Story?

A good story is always gripping, entertaining, understandable and appeals to our humanity. Online marketing, however, is primarily dominated by numbers. But all the metrics, like click-through, share, and conversion rates, are nothing more than a measurement of how well the story works and how much it excites or inspires people.

_what about being authentic?

“Authentic” social media has become very desirable. A good story only goes viral if it’s credible. However, it’s much more important that the story is relatable to the reader or viewer within his or her individual context.

Particularly on TikTok, the videos with the widest reach are those that successfully mix relatable situations and successful acting.

Effective Online Marketing
_takes into account the entire customer journey

Most customers have a relatively long search behind them, the customer journey. This means that it is very unlikely that customers, B2B or B2C, will see an advertisement and immediately buy a related product. 

B2B differs from B2C in this respect, especially in the time it takes to make decisions. Regardless of your target customers, most of your new customers have to move all the way from awareness to purchase.

Online Marketing Awareness
_our claim to fame

At the very beginning of the customer journey, well before the user comes into direct contact with you on your website or anywhere else, is the awareness phase. This is where you reach out to your target group. The digital spectrum offers a wide variety of PR activities, social media, Google, YouTube and new avenues that leap up and grab attention. You will achieve the greatest effectiveness when we leverage the entire spectrum to engage with your target group. But beware: not every social media channel is suitable, nor is every PR medium.

Shortcut to Influencer Marketing

_Focus industries

For over 25 years now, our PR agency has worked in the following German focus industries,
earning understanding and connections within their eco systems:


Thanks to our Munich location, a dominant high-tech and media center in Germany, we have many personal contacts that have proved key to the placement of content. Many focus industries are also located in the capital of Bavaria, which has propelled our specialization.

Online Marketing Goals
_we know how it works

After identifying the target group and developing a communications strategy, the goals of online marketing should be defined. This can be the simple increase of sales (more leads) but could also be the reduction of customer service inquiries. Often online marketing is also given the task of generating more high-quality personnel applications. Depending on the goals, metrics are defined that can be used to identify whether the goals are being achieved, while providing key performance indicators (KPIs).

_KPIs are useful when:

1 ... they are easy to identify and extend
2 ... they don’t depend on other factors
3 ... they contribute to the goals

_frequently used KPIs

Number of leads
lead value
Bounce rate
on landing page
Number of clicks
to landing page
of social shares

The setting of your online marketing goals and KPIs in combination with your target groups is our online marketing strategy.
It is used for content marketing and performance marketing.

Online Marketing

A ride through the marketing toolbox

In order to achieve the goals you set, it’s useful to calculate how many people need to be reached based on the KPIs. The reach is seldom achieved by working a sole channel. A mix of marketing activities is usually best and necessary.

Online Marketing

Increase your Google ranking

Users who perform a Google search had a micro-moment that encouraged them to search. Understanding this user intent and micro-moment is very important for creating an effective website.

Even the title and first sentence in the search have an enormous influence on the click-through rate. The  more users come to the website, the higher the click-through rate. We determine the right keywords and create data-driven content with the Searchmetrics Content Suite. These steps lead to superior ranking.

Online Marketing

Increasing inquiries through Google Ads

In addition to organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Ads (SEA) such as Google Ads, formerly Google AdWords, are an important component in the online marketing strategy. Compared to traditional marketing, Google Ads have proven to be a powerful tool because of their quick adaptability to target groups.

By analyzing website search queries relevant to your products, organization, or subject area through SEO tools, we know which keywords are quickly achievable and those which need to be facilitated by Google Ads.

We create ads that encourage clicks, generate interest, and address exactly the right target group. 

Online Marketing
_Social Media

More new inquiries through social ads

See our organic social media offer here.

However, if content marketing is not the right strategy or doesn’t match your other corporate efforts, much can be achieved with paid campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and TikTok. Lucy Turpin Communications designs the campaigns and creates the content for you. We also coordinate the asset creation including videos, images and cinemagraphs.

Your advantage: More inquiries are generated by new customers for a very low budget

Addressing the target group is a meticulous task in social media advertising, and as a result can be significantly optimized. 

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Full control over the key data

The advantage of online marketing over traditional marketing is the high transparency of cause and effect.

Every online marketing activity either generates something useful (goal fulfillment) or not. For this purpose, it’s essential to regularly review the key data and consider alternatives for optimization.

Google Analytics and other tools provide many metrics; we understand and use them all.

And what's
_with other marketing activities?

Since we are a story-telling PR agency at heart, text is our main medium. When it comes to social media, the story is our core, and we work with partners to augment the story through videos, infographics, and websites. 

For the marketing managers among you, here’s another list of services we offer:

E-mail campaigns
Texts for marketing and online activities
Texts for websites in native English and German
Digital Marketing Concepts

Online Marketing
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