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Influencers existed long before social media. Any public person who regularly provides a target group with content is an influencer. The challenge is that influencers are not pure advertisers and must maintain their authenticity so that viewers will still want to consume their content.

In a way, every journalist is an influencer, whether in digital or print publications. For all media and web presence, it is important that content is tailored to the target group. At the same time, the content should offer added value or even entertainment value.

The Channels: An overview

Even in German-speaking countries now, digital channels exist alongside printed publications in a big way.

Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, TikTok, X and others

These channels have created something new: Today, you don’t need to be a newspaper publisher or have a degree or training in journalism to share content with hundreds or thousands of followers.

However, the effort for the influencer is sometimes significantly higher than for the journalists of the past. They also had to deal with feedback, but at least not in real time.

We’ve been in the communications business since our agency was founded in 1995. The many new channels now make it much easier for brands to be even more specific with their target audience. There are influencers that focus on almost every conceivable topic. They are within reach for your brand.

_What is TikTok anyway?

It’s a fairly new video channel with an immense following maxed at one minute. As with many previous newcomers, TikTok was initially dismissed as nonsense. With over 800 million viewers, one in 10 people in the world already uses the app.

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Influencer Marketing
_how it works

Many companies would like to profit from influencer marketing, but wonder, “How does it actually work?”

Your message comes first. What do you want to communicate?
Once that is defined, it’s a matter of identifying the right media and digital target group.

Influencers are categorized by the number of their followers:

< 10K Subscribers
< 100K Subscribers
< 1m Subscribers
> 1m Subscribers

The sheer number of followers is not the only vital indicator. The engagement rate can be crucial. It determines how active the followers are. 

Depending on the goal of an influencer campaign, either the numbers reached is important or the engagement rate. 

Since smaller accounts usually have a better engagement rate, it can often be more productive to work with several micro or nano-influencers. The control of the influencers is then largely data-driven in order to be efficient. This means we develop the campaign and use digital tools to distribute the content. Of course, every influencer selected still has to fit to your brand.

If your campaign is all about raising brand awareness, then macro (or larger) influencers are a better choice. We support you in creating the campaign and selecting the influencers.

Influencer Marketing
_how much it costs

First of all, only chalking up the marketing costs is rather one-sided. In our opinion, every Euro invested in marketing should generate a return on investment. So, the much more pertinent question is what goals should be achieved with the measure?

The level of investment depends on the medium and the number of followers addressed by the influencer. Some nano influencers are already satisfied if they receive a related product for free. Others are rewarded with flat rates for their efforts. There is an established standard of 10€ per post per 1000 followers.

However, there are also influencers who get paid on an engagement basis. Engagement can include likes or comments. If a follower saves the content, any future posts can greatly increase the reach of your content – mighty interesting!

The rates are between 250€ to 750€ per 1000 engagements. This model can be used for a performance driven approach in marketing.

Influencer Marketing
_the benefits

Influencer marketing makes it possible to communicate much more quickly with very narrowly defined target groups.

Since influencers are not bound to fixed publication cycles as is the case with print media, campaigns can be run on a daily basis. The result is strong brand awareness combined with a high level of credibility.

For this reason, influencer marketing is usually an integral part of a marketing mix. What is important here is a well-planned campaign that communicates the brand messages on one hand and supports the credibility of the influencers on the other.

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For successful influencer marketing you need:


a good plan and efficient organization


deep knowledge of the industry


a pint or two of creativity

With Lucy Turpin Communications you get all this all in one service.

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