Global in Scope and Now Networked: Lucy Turpin Communications Becomes Member of GlobalCom PR Network

Now it is official: Lucy Turpin Communications has joined the GlobalCom PR Network (GCPR) and can now rely on a professional platform ( to increase its business momentum worldwide. GCPR is a leading PR network with ca. 80 owner-operated communication agencies. The network spans more than 60 countries in Europe, North and South America, Africa and the Middle East, Asia and Australia.

We have now formalized our global orientation and GCPR can deepen its expertise and expand its portfolio. “Facilitated by Lucy Turpin, our American founder, LTC has been international in scope since 1995. Business connections with GlobalCom have existed practically since then. The agreement with GCPR enables us to join a well-regarded, professional platform,” said Thomas Hahnel, Managing Director of LTC.

Ralf Hartmann, founder and CEO of GCPR, added, “Our network of agencies is represented by global market leaders, small to medium-sized agencies as well as start-ups, which are seeking support in specific countries and for wide-ranging communication channels, especially digital. LTC enriches the GCPR network not only because it of its depth of experience in technology and life sciences, but also through its holistic view of integrated marketing communications for sales and corporate support. Moreover, it is well-established in German-speaking countries and well-known in the USA. We are very happy to have LTC on board as a pivotal addition our network.

With over 1,400 communication managers worldwide, GlobalCom’s goal is to strengthen the international reputation and local presence of its members. “The ability to source agencies quickly for our clients, as well as to leverage and exchange country-specific information are essential success factors,” maintained Hahnel. “Thanks to GCPR we are now even better positioned to bring required services to our customer base and enhance our agency value.

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