Two is better than one! Two new colleagues on board.

The two of them have not only been with us since yesterday. But but now they finally make it to our website: Alisa Speer and Jennifer Jurkovic have recently joined our team. As Account Executives they support us for all customers in the area of High Tech, Clean Tech and Life Science. Even before their employment, both gained relevant experience in marketing and corporate communications. It’s great that both of them are with us!

Jenny & Alisa

Alisa: Internal Communications & Public Relations

Alisa Speer studied Culture and Economics (German Studies and Business Administration) at the Universities of Mannheim and Oslo. During her studies she gained practical experience in the field of internal & corporate communications as well as in the fields of media and public relations. She also completed internships at the head office of the Deutsche Bundesbank in Frankfurt and the Lidl Foundation.

Her tasks included setting up and maintaining the intranet, writing articles and helping with the conception and implementation of strategic topics. Alisa also has expertise in the field of social media. Besides she is also a volunteer for the activities of an association.

Jennifer: Intercultural Competence and Marketing Experience

Jennifer Jurkovic holds a Master of Arts in Digital Media and Communication Cultures from the Technical University of Chemnitz. During her studies abroad in Seoul/South Korea, she deepened her interest and understanding for the Asian region and acquired corresponding skills in intercultural communication. During her academic education, she gained practical experience in digital marketing at the IT service provider T-Systems Multimedia Solutions in Dresden. Her core tasks included internal corporate communications and reference management for numerous well-known customers.

Welcome to LTC!