Trade Show PR – The Forgotten Killer App in Tech Communications?

As communication professionals, we all know the top trends in the industry. No matter whether they are the issues of our time, such as fake news and the role of the media, or influencer marketing. And, of course, we PR & marketing professionals keep an eye on the tools and technologies that are changing our job profile. Today – even if you’ve only worked a few years in the industry, you’ve actually discovered – Wow! My job has changed!

Nevertheless, we ask ourselves every day: How can I achieve even enhanced visibility for my company? How can I communicate even better with people who are important to me and how to enter into a dialogue with them?

Sometimes these questions can be answered quite simply: Trade fair PR! Example electronica, the world’s leading electronics trade fair and conference. A global meeting point for an entire industry! Everybody seems to be there. What an opportunity for marketing and PR! On the other hand: 17 halls, 2,700 exhibitors from 50 countries … how do you not go down there?

There’s no reason to give up in frustration – not even if you’re representing a smaller company. Of course, electronica is huge – but so are the chances to talk to the right people there. We are always surprised when the budget for ballpoint logo pens is larger than for PR activities. Enormous amounts are spent on trade fair stands, multi-country booth staffing, plus the associated logistics. And beware, the devil is in the details. But in comparison, the effort and costs required to get in touch with the right multiplicators are negligible – but of strategic importance.

Trade show PR is not going away. On the contrary it’s worth the effort, especially the onsite contact with your target audience. Moreover, your presence sends a clear message about your commitment to your customers and industry watchers. The possibilities are many – the fair itself offers a number of basic options, such as a fair newspaper, digital channels and, last but not least, a number of official and informal side events. See you there and let’s have a conversation!