A New Journey Begins – Hong Kong (HKG) to Munich (MUC)

Greetings from Munich! I’m Zeny So Tsz Ying, and I’m working as a PR intern at LTC this summer. Feel free to call me Zeny or Zen. I would like to start by introducing my hometown Hong Kong. The city is famous for its stunning night view all along the Victoria Harbour – its sobriquet has become “Pearl of the Orient”. If you visit Hong Kong, you don’t want to miss the street food or the shopping either!

Why Munich?

I’m a 3rd year student majoring in Chinese to English translation, with a minor in Japanese Studies at the City University of Hong Kong – Yep, I know a bit of Japanese :-). Last year, I was given the chance to spend my editorial internship in Taiwan. I worked as a sub-editor trainee and was mainly responsible for proofreading and editing English-to-Chinese translations. Through reading many types of manuscript genres, I learned to be detail-attentive and developed an interest in writing.

I’m here thanks to the Global Work Attachment Program (GWAP) and my university. The latter offers and supports a variety of opportunities and encourages students to “Go Global” and step out of Hong Kong for various internships, overseas exchange and volunteer service.

This year, I want to gain working experience in regions outside Asia, so I’m taking part in the program and am really grateful to be at LTC, a professional and well-established PR agency in Munich. I hope to apply my skills, my detail-oriented attitude and my passion when writing and editing press releases or articles for clients. And I’m sure that my intercultural awareness and language proficiency will also grow.

More about GWAP

There was a range of destinations to choose from this year, including Berlin and Munich, Sydney, Hokkaido and Tokyo, as well as Shanghai. I chose Munich because I love the city’s long and rich history. Now I’m here to find out that all the historical architecture, details of the statues, museums and old churches around every corner surprised me a lot – The Treasury of the Munich Residence is my favorite museum! All girls love shiny and luxurious jewels! And most important, the tranquility and relaxing lifestyle of Müncheners! I can’t wait to ride a bike and enjoy the gentle breeze and fresh air of the city every day!

Looking back, we went through a lot in order to spend the precious 8-12 weeks in our destination cities. We underwent the university screening which checked our knowledge and readiness for work. We also needed to demonstrate our communication skills with Skype or in telephone interviews conducted by our potential employers.

In addition, we attended a series of training workshops before we set off to work overseas to ensure that we were prepared with appropriate work etiquettes and attitudes. Of course, we will do our best and strive to gain the trust of our employers, and the quality of our performance.

I guess that was a lot to encounter about me… and now I’m looking forward to tasting the Italian ice cream and shopping at the supermarket just around the corner from the office!