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_with the public

Public relations is just another buzzword. We don’t really understand the big fuss about it. In the end, it’s quite simple. To get the best results, you need:


genuine relationships to the relevant journalists or influencers – whether their media or channel is online or offline.


professional knowledge about the target group. That helps in selecting the media to reach the right people. The fact a tabloid is not the most suitable medium when you want to announce a technological innovation to the B2B sector is actually a no-brainer. Or maybe it is?

Where is the right target group located?


Now all you need is an interesting story that mirrors the values, intentions and interests of your brand, and speaks with its personality. Add a unique sweep and a bit of creativity. And it’ll make waves. Of course!

How to do it?

Public Relations is

_when we lead the public to perceive the desired brand image.

_if it works, it’s good PR!

I want that too!

_on social platforms

Social media is more than posting something now and then. In fact, social media is like PR.
Only in real time. And all participants think they’re important.

Here are our five tips, exclusively yours,
completely free of charge:


Less is more.
Focus on the right channels; and avoid copy and paste social media.


The rule for posting is: more is more!
Avoid long approval cycles and plan guidelines in advance. Determine how, what (and what not!) and when you want to communicate.


Social media is a network. That means most of the magic happens when you interact with others. Comment all you want, write to each of your followers, and actively seek conversations with other social accounts.

Hey! That’s a lot of work!?


Use all the data you can legally get. Every account has great analytics data that lets you see who is viewing your content and when.  


Place ads on social media to get more people to follow you. Here, moving images (videos) are better than text and still shots.

Social Media is

_when we lead every person to perceive the desired brand image.

_when you’re getting the results you want, it’s working and it’s good social media!


_with a plan

Yes, that’s possible; more importantly, a good plan is necessary. The main thing is that your intentions and guidelines are defined in a framework or plan, and that your communicators are given enough space to speak their minds on your behalf.

What all should be planned?


Since you are probably not the only company that communicates, the first thing we should look at is the market environment. If you want to be relevant, we either need to communicate better than #theothers or be #different.

Why are there hashtags in the text all of a sudden?


The communication should be packed into a framing context. In this way, we convey the currently most important core message in a targeted manner. To do this, we’ll develop a communication campaign together.


The selection of channels and media is important so that the campaign can be optimized accordingly. Depending on your wishes, we are also happy to involve your internal colleagues in this process.

This is how social media becomes strategic corporate communications.


Success is great, but it also has its drawbacks. After all, you’ll suddenly get a lot of attention and you’ll have to deal with it. We’ll teach you how to get the core messages across – in interviews or with any other tactic.


In every company, things go wrong from time to time. No matter how bad it is for the company – the appropriate subsequent communications with customers, partners, suppliers and the public will help to minimize the damage. That, in turn, can also lead to more positive buzz, strengthening your image and presence in the marketplace.  

Communication is

_when we plan together exactly how to tell everyone what to think of your brand and

_if we do it together, it works!