08.05.2017 / Welcome to Fabian von Stülpnagel!

Ex journalist, marketing and PR generalist supports our team

As of May 2017 Fabian von Stülpnagel has joined the LTC-team as an Account Executive. The agency’s new member already gained experience in the field of journalism and marketing communications: All through his studies in international business communications at the university of applied languages and beyond he focused on corporate communications, marketing- and intercultural communications and got insights in journalistic work at media/broadcasting stations: E.g. such as the local radio station Energy Munich, editorial offices of Bavarian Boradcasting and the education- and training tv station afk tv, where he also supported the public relations team.

Furthermore he worked with the Vice President of the University of Applied Languages of SDI in various marketing, PR activities and was previously with for yourfone AG, where he was responsible for the marketing measures undertaken for telecommunication services.

“We are extremly happy, having found Fabian for our team. Especially his editorial experience and interest in intercultural and international communications, his previous marketing experience in the area of telecommunications enrich our team, ” says Thomas Hahnel managing director of Lucy Turpin Communications. 

Welcome Fabian!

17.11.2016 / Bigger & better: Our new LTC office










After almost 20 years in business, we’ve decided for a change of scenery and moved to a bigger office. Our new and contemporary location represents what we do best: cutting-edge communication services in a modern, digital world. Located at Prinzregentenstraße 89, our new office is just a few doors up from our previous address, involving only a slight change for arriving guests and allowing us to remain in Bogenhausen, our favorite part of Munich.

Take a look at the photos and get a first impression, and feel free to come by and visit us any time.

Welcome! Coffee’s brewing!


21.04.2016 / Ladies and Gentlemen, we proudly present: Video Management Tools

How successful are your videos?

I’m sure you have tools that provide analysis for all your MarCom content (and if not, ask us!) - for media monitoring, click rates, circulation, visitors … and all of it is probably automated and even provides qualitative ratings. But what do you have for videos? Imagine a dashboard that displays statistics on your videos and your competitors videos, including history and scores, even offering options for additional analysis. Sounds great doesn’t it? Are you aware of any such tool? And while we are at it: Wouldn’t it be useful if you could not only simplify and make your video productions more efficient? All managed using one online platform?

In our latest “In The Loop” newsletter you’ll find more information about Video Management Tools. 

14.09.2015 / Welcome back!

Time is flying:

As of today she is back from maternity leave: Welcome Katrin!

We are so glad to have you back. Wish you a great start!

30.06.2015 / Welcome to Sabine Listl

As of June, Sabine Listl supports B2B IT clients as a PR & MarCom Account Manager. Before joining LTC, she worked as a PR consultant at a tech agency focusing on the electronics and distribution sectors, as well as the lighting market. During her career, she also gained experience in internal and corporate communications at the BMW Group and the GILDEMEISTER AG, specialized in investment goods. Sabine holds a BA in Communications and Economics from the Ludwigs Maximilians University, Munich. She also holds an MA in Comparative Literature from the University of Bielefeld. We are delighted to have Sabine on board!   

02.04.2015 / Is Germany into IoT?

For the March Issue of PSD Europe, a leading trade magazine in print and website for the global power electronics community, Thomas Hahnel had the opportunity to share some thoughts about the status of IoT in Germany. Since the beginning of 2015 the discussion in Germany has moved forward, nevertheless in fact we are have the same status.

11.02.2015 / Philipp Heilos new at LTC

Philipp HeilosStarting in Febuary, Philipp Heilos will support our team. He will assist his colleagues as an Account Executive and will be serving customers within the IT and communication industry.


17.12.2014 / MarComs in Germany: “You Germans are great: Cars, Beer & Pretzels …“

Survey results

Smart Vehicles but No Social Media?

In November we conducted a brief survey with our international clients and business partners residing outside Germany. We wanted to know more about their experience, their challenges and the differences they see in doing Marketing Communications in Germany. Due to the nature of our work, our contacts are mainly involved in B2B technology business. According to the findings, Smart Energy, Smart Vehicle and Smart Factory are the main technology trends that non-Germans see coming out of Germany. I was personally surprised to learn that the survey participants do not consider Social Media activities as a key factor for communications at all. The marketing experts praise the high quality of German trade publications, and the depth of knowledge of most German editors. And last but not least, the participants rate the work of some German communications agencies highly. Here’s hoping that they mean us! Germany is one of the largest markets for technology products. Unexpectedly, international companies are willing to develop and invest in tailored MarCom programs that resonate locally. We found it very positive that communications professionals very correctly assess German media and the associated MarCom opportunities. A similar survey five years ago would have likely revealed different assessments.

The Biggest Challenges: One-third of the surveyed participants indicate that their biggest challenges were to understand the German market. Another third are challenged most by finding the right tactics. To me, it would be surprising if really two thirds had figured out the right approach for Germany and were implementing it. Very often I hear (sorry to say) German MarCom professionals (especially editors) complain about the international companies that try to impose a “one-size-fits-all”-approach. 

The Trends in Communications - Germany is Up-To-Date: Storytelling and the focus on relevant content are seen as the key success factors for communications in this country, trends that are mirrored in other countries too.

The Crunch Question is Social Media: Only one expert out of a total of 17 believes that Social Media activities are a real factor for success in Germany. Why is the impact of Social Media considered to be so insignificant? This is quite remarkable. On the other hand, Social Media channels are most often set up and controlled by the headquarters abroad.

Smart Germany: Smart Energy, Smart Vehicle and Smart Factory are the technology trends that
non-Germans believe started in Germany. While this is quite true, other global tech trends, especially IT trends such as Cloud Computing, Big Data and Gamification, are also relevant. Germany-specific and global tech trends both compete forcefully for editorial space here.

Language is not a Barrier: Just one of the respondents thinks that our language is a challenge in working in Germany. Other factors that would be flagged in a German mind as typical challenges are not considered critical – such as the German adversity to risk, or resistance to digital technology.

Distance does Matter – even in the Digital Age: Germany is a decentralized country with many industrial, scientific and commercial centers – and this is seen as a major complication.

Mentality and Media: Differences in mentality are experienced by more than 40 percent as the biggest variance between their own country and Germany. Differences in the media industry are seen as second most important factor by more than a quarter of the experts.

German Strong Points – even in Communications? The professionals that were surveyed praise the quality of German trade publications, and the depth of knowledge of German editors as well as their interest in technical details. What’s more, the work of some German communications agencies is rated highly.

Thanks to the commitment of our business partners, we gained valuable insights into the minds of non-German MarCom professionals. This feedback helps us to perform our role as consultant and intermediary between foreign companies and the German market. Please do not hesitate to comment the results or to send us your thoughts, feedback or any other inputs that you feel are relevant.

02.12.2014 / Collaboration and Communication: oodrive decides for LTC

As a  pioneer of SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions in France, oodrive is a leading European provider of secure online file management solutions for companies. oodrive solutions are used by VSBs, SMBs as well as large companies operating in various business sectors (industry, construction, media and communication, services, luxury goods, administration, consultancy, law and accountancy firms, etc.). After having opened an office in Munich, with the decision for LTC, oodrive strengthens its activities for the German market even further. The LTC team will support oodrive in all aspects of marketing communications and will act as part of the international marketing force with colleagues in France.

21.11.2014 / Surveying Your Experience with MarComs in Germany

We Germans speak an exacting language, we wear Lederhosen all the time, we’re world champions in drinking beer, and we never laugh. Not only that, we’re car fanatics.

But I’ll tell you a secret: despite being a native Bavarian, I’m not sitting here in Lederhosen, writing this words. Compromisingly, after having led all the beer consumption rankings for decades, we were the world champs only until 2012! And when it comes to cars, today a lot of Germans, myself included, can be seen cruising down one of our country’s ubiquitous, well-kept bike lanes.

Stereotypes are perfect for small talk and they can create a lot of fun. But are they useful in the real life marketing communications business? What’s it really like to do MarComs in Germany?

Let’s find out! We want to examine the challenges in professional communications that non-German companies experience when doing business in the German market. If you are a non-German professional in the fields of Communications, Marketing, MarComs, PR, Media Relations, Social Media or the like, it would be great if you could take five minutes to answer a handful of questions about your experience about Germany:

We will keep your responses completely confidential. We will NOT see or save your IP address when you respond to the Internet survey. We will not be able to personally identify you by the information you provide in your responses to this survey.

Thank you very much for your participation! The results will be published at

Thomas Hahnel

10.10.2014 / Maria Wißmiller joins LTC

Since October, Maria Wißmiller is the newest team member of Lucy Turpin Communications. She will support her colleagues as Account Executive and will be responsible for customers within the IT and communication industry.


05.09.2014 / FeaturesExec speaks with Thomas Hahnel

Thomas Hahnel, LTC managing director, discusses with FeaturesExec working with journalists, social media campaigns and the latest trends in the PR sector. You can find the full interview here.

07.08.2014 / Summer Internship at LTC: Germany through the eyes of US students

Welcome to Bavaria: Sara Hoing and Hazel Brown are both journalism students at the University of Colorado, Boulder, currently studying at Ludwig Maximilian University for the Munich Summer Curriculum “Electronic Media” Program for two months. The internship at LTC is part of their practical studies. In addition to their work for the Munich-based Tech-specialists they will share their experiences and insights about living in Germany, Bavarian culture, their weekend travels and more at the LTC Blog.

Must Read in August – Sara and Hazel’s Munich Diaries


Sara and Hazel recently completed five weeks of coursework at LMU, which included classes in Media Management, Media Theory, Informatics, Electronic Mass Media History, and Media Ethics. Hazel is an advertising major with an additional field of study in Sociology and Sara is a double major in public relations and sociology. The Munich Summer Curriculum has provided Sara and Hazel with the opportunity to expand their knowledge in their prospective fields through an international perspective. Sara and Hazel just began their four week internships at Lucy Turpin Communications and hope to gain insight about what it is like to work at an international firm. Sara and Hazel will look at various media platforms and compare marketing techniques from the US and German perspective. Currently both are working on a blog for the company about their experiences and expectations abroad. Stay tuned for updates!

06.08.2014 / LTC World Cup Prediction Game: We have the Winners!

You can bet that in Germany we will never forget the 2014 Soccer World Championship! Germany became a fourth time champion – the four stars are now on our national team jersey. Speaking of jerseys, we didn’t forget the winners of the LTC World Cup Prediction Game… a team of three from the BMGB chancellery are the winners! The two gentlemen winners offered the prize to their female colleague and she received the legendary 1974 Germany Worldcup Jersey. Well done BMGB!

The editors of CHIP, the IT trade magazine, and the daily newspaper Rheinische Post, demonstrating their superior soccer acumen were awarded the second and third place prizes. So the next question is: Which team do you think will become European Champion in 2016?

31.07.2014 / Graph Data Base Pioneer Neo Technology decides for Lucy Turpin Communications

Neo Technology, pioneer in the field of graph data bases contracts LTC for all strategic communication, PR, social and digital media work. The IT-Specialists from LTC will act as part of an international team of agencies in France, UK and USA. Here you can read more.

28.05.2014 / New MedTech Client: NeoTract provides innovative urological therapies

NeoTract®, the California based manufacturer of the UroLift ® System, has awarded us its communications budget. Selected for our consultancy skills in the life sciences arena, our main focus will be to position the UroLift System in the German market and to increase awareness of the company and its urological procedure, particularly within patient communities. Here you can read more

22.05.2014 / Can you beat Lucy Turpin Communications?

Enthusiasm for the soccer world cup is moving into a near-frenetic state everywhere. The first office walls are already covered with match programs. In Germany, the trade unions have requested moving morning shifts to accommodate the match schedules. Munich’s famous beer gardens and bars are buying equipment for the nightly TV broadcasts. Children are spending their pocket money for soccer player stickers. So, Germany is ready for the opening match on June 12!

But a world championship is nothing without a prediction game. We hereby challenge you! We maintain that nobody can beat Lucy Turpin Communication’s soccer expertise. Really, nobody. Not even you!

So compete with us! Join our prediction game, which we’ve set up especially for media and marketing professionals. In the unlikely case that some participants are better predictors than we, we’ll award attractive prizes.

Register now and start tipping. Of course, you can register with an alias, but it would definitely be more fun, if you could at least give a little hint about your publication or company.

Wishing you lots of fun!

31.01.2014 / Q1 is Trade Show Quarter!

Whether we experiencing a snowy winter this week, or actually having mild autumn weather, or it’s feeling like spring, we think our first quarter 2014 is the hottest season of the year. Why? It’s trade show time! In January we were busy being awed about the wearables presented at the Las Vegas CES. In February, ISPO , the sports business show, attracted 80,000 people from 110 countries, setting new records. The Call Center World (CCW) in Berlin is next, then the Embedded World in Nuremberg. The world’s largest and most internationaI IT show, the CeBIT, opens in Hanover on March 10th. So there are a number of opportunities to meet in the first quarter! Let us know where it is you’ll be and we’ll help support your last minute “got-to-have” or simply meet for coffee.


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Der beste Sound der Welt kommt nach Deutschland: @DEVIALET weiter auf Erfolgskurs​CnLU30ehjWr

Er hat die digitale Kommunikation revolutioniert und feiert seinen 10. Geburtstag: #happybirthdayhashtag :-)


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08.05.2017 / Welcome to Fabian von Stülpnagel!
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03.08.2017 / There’s a First Time for Everything
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04.07.2017 / What Do You Know About Student Life in Hong Kong?
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